About Us

Hey there friend! I’m Shanna, business strategist & financial coach. I help creative women like you set up a business model built for the life you really want.

That means sustainable, profitable + life-enriching. Right where you are, no matter your season of life.

After working alongside thousands of creative entrepreneurs on their business strategy and financial goals, I took the most confusing, frustrating, frequently asked (and frequently wine-and-tears accompanied) business concepts—financial planning, productivity, strategy, scale, mindset—and simplified them.

My husband says my creative genius is simplifying complicated things. I like that.

After ten years in the financial industry, I knew firsthand that a few simple (but not easy) steps had the power to transform a story. I helped failing businesses start thriving in less than 12 months. I served burned out creative professionals helping them to take month-long sabbaticals in less than 12 months. I saw women feel proud of the money they were contributing to their household.

Now I teach those steps to as many creative entrepreneurs as I possibly can.

My friends call me the “dream-releaser”, I like to say I’m the business model built for life expert. Either way -- the bottom line is, I’m here to help you make money doing what you love while still having a life you love on the other side! It’s time to get you out of those business weeds, darling, and back on a path towards the life and business of your dreams!


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